Where to Eat Dinner Tonight

Where to eat dinner tonight is such a fun question to ask. It typically means you aren’t going to be eating at home, where you have a mess to clean up afterward, which is just the icing on the cake. Depending on where you go, there are numerous other benefits that go along with it, as well. If the answer is Jimmy Macs Roadhouse, then we can give you a glimpse right now of what those benefits will be.

To begin, we have three locations throughout northwest Washington. Which restaurant is closest to you, Federal Way, Renton or  Everett? No matter the place, there are very little differences. Each one is committed to the same purpose and carrying out the same promise, featuring similar menus, though what’s on tap varies from restaurant to restaurant, and providing the same level of service.

The most noteworthy gain is the food and drink options. Whether you’re a seasoned chef in your own kitchen or you eat out more than you eat in, you’ll be delighted with our selection of quality fare. We use locally-sourced, fresh, honest ingredients, and prepare our dishes to order from scratch. It doesn’t matter if you order a , burger, or pasta, it’ll be a meal with discerning quality and taste. None will leave you thinking, “I could have made this better at home.” Our drinks don’t disappoint, either. Between our local beer on tap and our classic cocktails, you’ll have many suitable pairings.

Another plus is that we appeal to all. We’re a family friendly restaurant, complete with a separate children’s menu that also offers vegetarian and gluten free options (also, a separate menu for the latter). We feature happy hour which is held in both the bar and restaurant, so there is no age discrimination.

The list goes on but we want to leave a few surprises on the table. Whenever you ask yourself where to eat dinner tonight, it’s always a satisfying response to go with Jimmy Macs Roadhouse.